About Textarudo

The “Textarudo” is a character that has been created to help bring an important message to the public.

The word “testarudo” in Spanish means someone who is stubborn, or hardheaded. By changing the “s” to an “x” in that word, the image of someone who is stubborn combines with the popular activity of most of the world, texting. With this word change, combined with the character, we easily linked to a being able to deliver a message about a very dangerous behavior, texting and driving.

The Textarudo looks for sympathy. We can all identify with being a Textarudo. Most of the people we know are Textarudos.

Now, by making reference to our character, the message “Don’t Text and Drive” is communicated in a friendly, non-confrontational manner. The point is, the message is being delivered. Reference to Textarudo keeps the message fresh.

The “Textarudo” is a character that has been created to help bring a social message toward the Hispanic public as a whole.

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